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McHitch 6 TONNE Automatic Coupler

$655.00$710.00 inc. GST

The Big Boy, Our largest coupling we make, capable of a huge 6 tonne capacity, to replace pintle and rings and others for use on large, heavier scale equipment.
This 6 Tonne coupling takes a 1&1/4″ threaded shank. (May need to enlarge existing 7/8″ tow tongue hole to 1&1/4″).

Fully ADR 62/02 tested and compliant.

* A super low height of 125mm at its highest point. This is lowest coupling on the market.
*Capable of over 90 degrees of movement on every axis.

Choose from the options below for the type of weight distributing head you have. Pictured are all the major types.

If you have a standard tow tongue (no Weight Distributing Head (WDH) set-up)
Choose option 1

For Weight Distributing Heads, we offer an adaptor pack for an extra $50 that includes an adaptor plate, and a set of WDH bar rollers.

If you have either:
*Hayman Reese WDH
*Eaz Lift WDH
*Quick lift STANDARD offset WDH
Choose Option 2

The whole kit includes: Coupler, receiver, laser-cut ratchet handbrake, stainless steel locking hitch pin, yellow magnetic sight marker and fitting instructions.

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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 52 × 17 × 24 cm
Tongue Variant

To suit Standard Tow Tongue, To suit Weight Distribution Head


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