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Elecbrakes Electric Brake Controller – Trailer Mounted

$699.00 inc. GST

The Elecbrake ELBC2000-PS brake controller is a trailer mounted proportional brake controller. The device can be used with the Plug and Play adapters or hardwired to the trailers electrical circuits with a Leader. The device is fitted with an IP68 connector. Allows compliance with ADR38/05.


This is just the Elecbrakes unit itself, without the installation adaptor or the remote control. If this is your first Elecbrakes purchase, please click here to visit our entire Brake Controller Accessory Range.



Why Elecbrakes

  • Smooth proportional braking
  • Trailer-mounted for multi tow vehicle use
  • ‘Plug + Play’: 10 minute DIY install
  • Australian Made

If you are purchasing an Elecbrakes unit to use with your boat trailer, please read this first: Boat Trailer Requirements.


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